Wild Bird Photographic Workshops

The techniques used for wild bird photography are similar to those required for all wildlife photography.

Sparrow Hawk on fence post (in my garden)

At the start of the day we will look at hides, camouflage, garden setups, baiting, equipment, etc.. We will spend a considerable amount of time, photographing wild birds and working on all important techniques such as focusing, exposure, composition and avoiding camera shake. We will also spend some time, looking at examples of typical mistakes that need to be avoided.

The workshop will culminate with an assessment of the images of the day.

Flight Photography Workshops

Having arrived at my home in Monmouthshire, you will be taken on a leisurely journey to the "Red Kite Feeding Centre", at Rhayader in Mid-Wales. We will stop to make the most of any photo opportunities that we may encounter on our journey.

On arriving at Gigrin Farm we will make our way to one of the superb photographer's tower hides. We will have spent time discussing the necessary techniques for flight photography, during our car journey. I will help you to start putting them into practise, as soon as we start photographing from the hide.

If you are a Canon user, there will be opportunity for you to use some top quality Canon Professional lenses, in the form of the Canon 400mm F4 DO and 300mm F2.8 L Telephoto Lenses. (These may be used with or without Canon x1.4 converters. The 300mm f2.8 lens may be used with a x2 converter and still give complete auto focusing.)

Non Canon users may hire my Canon EOS 7D camera (my favorite flight camera) at a nominal charge, so as to be able to make use of the superb lenses, mentioned above.


1 person per party
2 persons per party
3 persons (or more) per party
Wild Bird (garden) Workshop
not available
Bird Flight Photography
£145 per person*
not available

* Canon 400mm F4 DO and 300mm F2.8 L Telephoto Lenses (along with 1.4x converters, are made available to CAREFUL users). A Canon s.l.r. body may be hired for £15, during the time of the workshop.

Workshops can sometimes be arranged for weekdays, at short notice.