Adobe Software Workshops

Digital workshops will start with start at 9.30 a.m. with a cup of tea, or coffee, while we discuss your needs. The day will end, at about 4.00 p.m..


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - (Latest Version, at present version 3)

Lightroom is probably the best software available for gaining the very best image from your RAW File and also from your JPEG file.

During a Lightroom workshop I will take you through the important Library and Develop Modules, showing you all of the ways in which I find Lightroom invaluable. If it interests you, I can show you the rudimentals of the Slideshow and web modules (which I use for my own website galleries).

So much can be achieved now, in Lightroom that file time in Photoshop becomes much briefer.


Adobe Photoshop - (Latest Version, at present version CS5)

Adobe Photoshop Workshops will be delivered at the level that suits your experience, knowledge and ability. It can be basic, intermediate or advanced.

A one day workshop can cover the following subjects depending on the client’s requirements/abilities and of course (available) time.



1 person per party
2 persons per party
3 persons (or more) per party
Digital Imaging
£80 per person
£60 per person (max 4)


Such workshops can often be arranged for weekdays, at short notice.