Computer Darkroom, the web site of Ian Lyons of Northern Ireland. Ian is a real expert in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. His web site contains invaluable information and excellent images.

John Devries, Excellent nature web site with lots of helpful information.

James Frost, an enthusiastic Scottish based photographer that I met in Yellowstone in February 2011, with a web site worth looking at.

Rob Galbraith, a professional Canadian Sports Photographer who's web site contains a wealth of information, especially for Canon users.

Clive Haines, probably the leading digital photographer in the RPS. His web site contains amazing help on anything and everything concerned with digital photography.

Juza, an Italian nature and landscape photographer who produces inspired images. His web site contains lots of information and some amazing reviews and test of lenses, etc..

The Frank Lane Picture Agency, FLPA was founded by the world renown bird photographer Eric Hosking and his friend Frank Lane. It was the first nature picture library in the world, and still one of the most prestigious. I am honoured that FLPA handle my images.

Robert Lloyd, Rob has been one of the leading Welsh photographers for years. just look at how he uses light!!

Hazel Mason, Hazel is a GP, like her husband (James Frost - above). She is a very enthusiastic photographer who produces some inspired, simplistic images.

Neil McIntyre, Neil is a Scottish based wildlife and landscape photographer. His wildlife workshops are excellent.

Fred Miranda, An American photographer. His web site is well worth checking, for reviews, before buying any new equipment.

Arthur Morris, A superb American bird photographer. I would recommend that you subscribe to his free (weekly) bulletins. Excellent images and technical information.

Philip & Helen Mugridge, Husband and wife wildlife photographers from the Forest of Dean. Just see what can be achieved with dedication.

Photo Library Wales, A photo library that specialises in Wales.

Roy Packer, A good Pembrokeshire photogapher who especially enjoys wildlife photography.

Dave Rowley, an excellent Welsh digital photographer.Dave's web site contains many superb videos on Photoshop techniques. Well worth a visit!!

Anne Sutcliffe, is an amazingly imaginative photographer.

Jeremy Turner, an Australian photographer who produces stunning panoramas.

Photo Ventures, Photo Ventures, run by Roger Reynolds (Hons FRPS) and holder of many other fellowships! Roger provides wonderful opportunities for the photographer, on all of his holidays. You will visit the very best locations at the optimum time of day. You are guaranteed a good time. He specialises in the USA and India.

Walters Photo Video, Walters give superb service and have unbeatable trade-in deals.